Ethoca and CDRN are activated within 24 hours, while RDR requires 7-10 working days. Order Insight requires technical integration and merchants need to send order/transaction information through API.

The number of prevented chargebacks depends on the following factors: Transaction volume (more transactions equals more alerts) The issuing bank (not all banks are covered by Ethoca/Verifi alerts).

Chargeback alerts are crucial for merchants. They provide a brief window to resolve disputes before the chargeback process begins. These alerts are notifications that merchants receive when cardholders attempt to dispute transactions with their issuing banks. Once an alert is received, merchants have limited time to address the issue and prevent it from turning into a chargeback. The two leading providers of these alerts are Ethoca and Verifi. Both companies offer pre-dispute management services. Verifi automatically performs refunds based on merchant rules, while Ethoca requires merchants to refund customers and update their portal with the outcome. This distinction makes the choice between Ethoca and Verifi dependent on the type of card used by customers. By leveraging these chargeback alerts, merchants can reduce chargebacks, improve customer experience, and minimize operational costs.

Both Ethoca and CDRN require manual refund, while RDR provides automatic refund according to the rules pre-defined by the merchant. Ethoca is a MasterCard branded product. RDR and CDRN are VISA products. All three products require refund to reduce chargeback rate.

Both Ethoca and CDRN can provide alerts for all card types. It is recommended to choose one or the other to avoid duplicated alerts. RDR provides alerts for VISA cards only. It is recommended to use the combination of either Ethoca + RDR or CDRN + RDR, which is a more cost effective way.

Ethoca Alerts are based on the merchant's statement descriptor. If the descriptor is repeatedly used by other merchants, you may get their alerts as well. Please ensure that your statement descriptor is unique and not shared with others. If a cardholder made a compliant call regarding the same order within a short period of time, you may receive multiple alerts.

Although Stripe's back office shows RDR alert, it indicates the dispute is lost and there’s no dispute fee. This will not be counted as a Chargeback.

In very rare cases, Ethoca and RDR may send duplicate alerts as they belong to two different companies. Unfortunately, currently there’s no solution to avoid such duplication.

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