Order Insight®

Issuers and cardholders access detailed purchase information from sellers via a global data-sharing network to prevent disputes at first customer inquiry.

  • CE3.0 qualified transaction data can enhance deflection of Visa 10.4 disputes*
  • Reduce customer billing confusion
  • Improve the customer experience
  • Access global network of Visa issuers

Order Insight connects sellers to issuers to provide customers with seller business and purchase details in real-time, at point of inquiry to clarify confusion and prevent disputes.

Cardholder Digital Experience

Self Serve Online Banking Customers access digital receipts in their online portal or mobile app.

Call Center

Live Customer Support Call center agents enhanced transaction detail through back-end banking platform

Fraud Dispute

Systematic Dispute Deflection CE3.0 lets sellers more easily identify first-party misuse and block future disputes.*

Why Order Insight?

Enhanced Deflection to Combat First-Party Misuse

Enhance deflection of Visa 10.4 disputes with CE3.0* Deflect first-party misuse Visa 10.4 disputes with enhanced qualified transaction detail. Order Insight provides qualified merchant data to Issuers to identify and block first-party misuse, reducing fraud and dispute ratios at the pre-dispute stage

Expansive Global Network

Network of global issuers across multiple card brands One integration connects you to a global network of 100% of all Visa issuers and expanding coverage of non-Visa issuer portfolios.

Dispute Prevention with Data Transparency

Data transparency reduces cardholder confusion and provides an opportunity to validate sales Make it easy for customers and issuers review purchase details at transaction inquiry, to combat friendly fraud, preventing unnecessary disputes and fraud claims.

Improve Customer Post-Purchase Experience

Present compelling evidence to cardholders at initial inquiry to validate sales and combat first-party fraud Empower your customer with simple, on-demand access to order details to self-resolve purchase inquiries with participating issuers.
Benefits of Order Insight

Enrich the customer experience with data transparency

  • Reduce “reported” fraud by identifying friendly fraud at customer inquiry
  • Prevent disputes before they count against Visa’s dispute ratio
  • Grow brand loyalty by clarifying transaction confusion and purchase history