Prevent more chargebacks

By sharing fraud and dispute data from issuers in near-real-time, Ethoca Alerts enables merchants to quickly respond to potential chargebacks by stopping order fulfillment, refunding the purchase, and effectively stopping the need for chargebacks altogether. For merchants and issuers alike, this speeds up the dispute process and not only gives customers a better experience, but also reduces the operational costs associated with chargeback management.

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Ethoca Alerts

Ethoca Alerts is a collaborative tool that connects merchants, acquirers and issuers together to share fraud and dispute data, enabling a faster dispute resolution process that reduces the need for chargebacks altogether.

How does Ethoca Alerts work?

Flow chart of how Ethoca Alerts shares confirmed dispute information


Benefits for merchants

Fight Fraud

Take action to stop the fulfillment of fraudulent orders before it’s too late

Prevent Chargebacks

Eliminate chargebacks and reduce related costs

Reduce Future Fraud

Bolster fraud screening to identify future fraud

Improve Satisfaction

Customers no longer need to go through the long and frustrating chargeback process

Benefits for issuers

Reduce Chargeback Costs

Lower chargeback volume and processing costs

Recover Low-Value Losses

Reduce losses on low-value transactions normally written off

Resolve Disputes Faster

Deal with fraud and disputes within hours, instead of days or weeks

Increase Satisfaction

Enhance customer experience and satisfaction and reduce complaints