About Hohai

HOHAI TECHNOLOGY PTE. LTD. is a company established in Singapore. We are a authorized reseller of Verifi, a premium partner of Ethoca, a verified partner of Stripe. HOHAI is a service provider that provides chargebacks resolution, including Order Insight, RDR and CDRN, Ethoca alerts, website view. HOHAI is committed to protect your business from fraud and chargebacks.

About Verifi

Verifi, A Visa Solution, is a leading provider of next-generation, post-purchase solutions. Verifi products and services streamline the dispute process and improve the customer experience. Available for all major card brands, Verifi solutions help merchants prevent and resolve disputes with the use of compelling evidence, data transparency, and merchant-initiated or rules-based refunding – and we do it globally! Verifi equips merchants, issuers, and acquirers to reduce financial loss, create operational efficiencies, and remove unnecessary fraud and first-party misuse disputes from the payment ecosystem.

Founded in 2005 and based in Los Angeles, California, Verifi is an award-winning provider of end-to-end payment protection and management solutions. The entire Verifi team is focused on payment protection.

About Ethoca

Ethoca is an award-winning provider of collaboration-based intelligence and technology solutions that empower businesses around the world to fight fraud, prevent disputes and improve the customer experience.

Powered by the ever-growing Ethoca Network, Ethoca solutions provide rich intelligence throughout the purchase journey to close costly communication gaps between all stakeholders in the payments ecosystem. Thousands of the world’s biggest ecommerce brands, the largest banks, service providers and consumers benefit through this collaboration. For the first time, fraud, customer dispute and purchase insights are now available and actionable in real time – delivering significant revenue-growth and cost saving opportunities for all. Ethoca was acquired by Mastercard in April 2019.