Pre-Dispute Resolution

Rapid Dispute Resolution (RDR)

  • Automatically resolve pre-dispute cases with participating RDR issuers using a robust decision engine, customized by seller for real-time resolution

Cardholder Dispute Resolution Network™ (CDRN®)

  • Resolve pre-dispute cases directed by participating CDRN issuers within 72 hours by seller-initiated refund.

The RESOLVE solution suite enables sellers to resolve fraud and non-fraud disputes at pre-dispute stage to stop chargebacks from ever occurring and avoid impacting sellers Visa dispute ratio calculation and monitoring programs. A pre-dispute occurs before a chargeback is filed. It is initiated when a cardholder challenges a transaction with the intent to dispute its legitimacy.

Rapid Dispute Resolution

  • Resolve pre-disputes automatically via a robust decision engine with rules set by seller
  • Accepted pre-disputes are resolved in real time with a cardholder credit
  • Improve customer experience with automatic resolution at the point of inquiry

Cardholder Dispute Resolution Network™

  • Receive direct delivery through our closed-loop network
  • Stop future disputes on recurring transactions
  • Avoid costly fees, fines, penalties, and potential loss of processing privileges
  • Coverage on all major card brands with CDRN


Why Verifi’s RESOLVE Solution Suite?

Global Reach

Network of global issuers across multiple card brands Thousands of participating issuers in global markets support quick resolution services at the pre-dispute stage, preventing a chargeback from ever occurring.

Reduced Risk

Resolved pre-disputes do not affect sellers Visa dispute ratio*, removing processing risks Reduce demand on operations and costs associated with dispute management, while avoiding the constraints of high-risk monitoring programs.

Improved Experience

Exceed customer expectations by resolving pre-disputes quickly with a credit, improving brand loyalty Extend your customer service through the issuer, supporting a better customer experience and increased loyalty.


Sellers can resolve pre-disputes earlier in the process, controlling the post-purchase experience Eliminate the blind spot in dispute submissions and determine which cases to resolve at the pre-dispute stage – by automation or quick review – and stop chargebacks from ever happening.
Benefits of RDR and CDRN

Enrich the customer experience with data transparency

  • Avoid disputes and the resulting costly chargebacks 

  • Expanding global coverage across multiple card brands

  • Reduced manual requirements for dispute and chargeback processing

  • Robust reporting and analytics